Privacy Policy

At QuiqClaim, it is essential to us that our stakeholders (Health Care Providers “HCPs”, investors and insurance companies) fully understand the transaction structure, the fees, and the risks inherent in investing through the QuiqClaim platform. Please read the following terms carefully and check the box to signify your understanding and agreement to these terms
QuiQ Claim
QuiQ Claim is a fintech Business to Business settlement and investments platform, catering to the Medical Insurance industry, which will create a new streamlined financing marketplace for health claims. Quiq Claim will help in bridging the liquidity gap that Health Care providers face by bring them together with buyers (Investors) of claims who can make higher ROI on their money through a transparent synchronized settlement framework.

Investors on QuiqClaim face the risk that insurance companies might deduct and or do not pay any percentage out of the medical claims value submitted by HealthCare Providers; this relies on the insurance company policy and the authenticated price list by government. When you finance a medical claim or bulks of medical claims, the money will not be available for withdrawals or for pledging in other medical claims unless the current transaction is completed or cancelled for any reason.
Funds invested from one country must be withdrawn to a bank account in that same country.