The new face of the claims market empowered by digitized channels.

What is Quiq Claim?

QC is a FinTech peer-to-peer settlement and investments platform, catering to the Medical Insurance industry, which will create a new streamlined financing marketplace for health claims.

Why use Quiq Claim?

Quiq Claim will help bridge the liquidity gap that Health Care providers face by bring them together with buyers of claims who can make higher ROI on their money through a transparent synchronized settlement framework.

HealthCare Providers

> Increase Liquidity by eliminating the long payment receival time and allows same day financing of verified Health Claims

> Bridging the conflicting interests of Insurance Companies and the providers


> Creating a new marketplace for investments

> A risk free & transparent environment

Insurance Companies

> Decrease the Administration Costs

> Decrease the Logistical Costs

> Oversight Data on transactions


Quiq Claim is embarked on a mission to regulate HealthCare Provider’s cash cycle by allowing investors to finance Health Claims in a risk free investment

How it works

- Quiq Claim bridges the gaps between and within the HealthCare Industry’s stakeholders by giving the opportunity for HealthCare Providers to request an early financing to their Health Claims

- Investors will be able to finance the claims through QC’s Marketplace, enabling Insurance Companies to oversight the transaction

- Quiq Claim’s ‘Financing Notification’ processes works around a ‘Synchronized Settlement’ framework, were finances and claim ownerships are settled between Investors and HealthCare Providers in real-time with an oversight by the Insurance Companies